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You are welcome to come to our practice if you have any questions. This can be difficult, however, due to the current coronavirus pandemic, especially when the practice is very full. Therefore if you need to get in touch with us please call during our office hours, send us a fax or write us an email. If you have already visited us in the current quarter and only need a follow-up prescription (e.g. for medication, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech therapy), you can also send us an email and we will send you the prescription by post. Because emails are considered insecure, we ask that all emails be consistently encrypted with GnuPG. You will find detailed [instructions] about encryption on our website.

Phone (030) 68 40 996 Give us a call
Fax (030) 68 40 9981 Send us a fax
[email link]
Send us an email
Email for follow-up prescription
[email link]
Ask for follow-up prescription
Address Karl-Marx-Straße 272 12057 Berlin Very few parking spaces nearby
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When you can reach us

During our office hours you can reach us by telephone to make an appointment. Blood samples are taken in the practice during laboratory hours.

Weekday Office hours Lab hours
Monday 9 – 12 am and 3 – 6 pm
Tuesday 9 – 12 am and 3 – 6 pm 8 – 10 am
Wednesday 9 – 12 am and 3 – 6 pm 8 – 10 am
Thursday 9 – 12 am and 3 – 6 pm 8 – 10 am and 3 – 5 pm
Friday 9 – 12 am

How to reach us

The easiest way to reach us is by public transport. The bus line 171 stops 50 meters from our entrance. At about 150 metres the underground station of the line U7 Grenzallee is within walking distance. From Neukölln S-Bahn station it is about 700 metres along Karl-Marx-Straße. You can also come by car, and you will need to take the Buschkrugallee exit on the motorway ring (Autobahnring). Unfortunately, there are not many parking spaces available near the practice.

Bus Line 171 Station U Grenzallee
Underground Line U7 Station Grenzallee
S-Bahn Line S41/S42 (Ring) Station Neukölln
Motorway A100 (Ring) Exit Buschkrugallee