We are currently a team of five physicians for neurology and psychiatry, as well as six physician assistants. Our practice is located at the heart of Neukölln in Berlin. Some call it the border between north and south Neukölln. Others call us ”the practice nearby Grenzallee“, although the exact address is Karl-Marx-Straße 272, 12057 Berlin (see map). Here we treat all neurological and psychiatric diseases. Only psychotherapy is not offered. [get in contact]

Updated 29th August 2021 — Michael Vorwerg

Dr. med. Christina Schindowski

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Christina Schindowski to our team. She is a specialist in neurology as well as psychiatry. She additionally specialises in "special pain therapy".

Anna Maria Straub

At the same time, we regret to say that our esteemed colleague Anna Maria Straub is gone into well-earned retirement after more than 20 years in our practice.

Adjusted office hours in September and October

In September and October there are some days we have to close the practice a little earlier. We apologize for your inconvenience.

Date Adjusted office hours
Wednesday, 1st September closed from 4 pm
Thurstday, 30th September no lab hours, and
closed from 11 am
Friday, 1st October closed

Your first appointment

At your first appointment we will need some information about you. In order to simplify the collection of your data, we kindly ask you to read our privacy policy, print, fill and sign our medical history form and bring it with you to your appointment.


The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, currently in the "Delta variant" is spreading again in Neukölln despite ongoing vaccinations. Therefore, the protective measures in our practice must remain in place in order to keep protecting each other: Wash hands, Cover face, Make space. We recommend vaccination for almost all our patients. There are special rules regarding the risk of infection and vaccination for certain autoimmune diseases and immunotherapies. [learn more here]

Medical Procedures

In neurology and psychiatry, technical examinations may be neccesary, included EEG, evoked potentials (SEP, VEP, AEP), neuronography, myography, sonography and lumbar puncture. We carry out all of them in our practice. [learn more here]

Electronic patient file and telematics infrastructure

The test phase of the so-called "electronic patient record" (ePA) started on 1st January 2021. It follows fundamental changes in the processing of medical data in Germany. Many of the innovations seem sensible to us, but we currently advise against the ePA. [we explain why here]

Email encryption with GnuPG

For your protection we encrypt e-mails sent to you with GnuPG. Please download our public GnuPG key from https://www.neuropraxis-neukoelln.de/neuropraxis.aschere (fingerprint 8AC9 A796 A5E0 6052 0DD5 67EF 88DD DB8D 59E5 FD23). [learn more here]

Our website

We have created our website by ourselves using only HTML and CSS. We respect your privacy and have therefore avoided cookies, scripts, trackers and social media plugins. Our pages are located on servers of the webhosting company "Strato AG" in Germany and are transmitted via an encrypted connection.